Tang flavours in Brazil

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Tang-lover Alan has sent us some photos from his travels:

Tang Laranja Mamão

Tang Laranja Mamão (Orange Papaya)

Tang Guarana

Tang Guarana

Tang Graviola

Tang Graviola (Soursop)

Tang Cajá

Cajá (“Hog Plum”)

Tang Chá Gelado

Tang Chá Gelado (Iced Tea)

Which one would you most like to try?

Refreshing Watermelon Tang from Fiji

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Here at TangToday, we’re just enjoying a delicious glass or three of Watermelon Tang donated by a friend:

Watermelon Tang

Ingredients include “Nature-Identical Watermelon Flavor”, whatever the hell that is… but it tastes pretty good 🙂

Orange Papaya Tang from Brazil

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Tang fan Kent Hill has been vacationing in Brazil, and sent us a picture of Orange Papaya Tang that he saw on sale there. If you’ve tried it, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Orange Papaya Tang

New Tang flavours for The Philippines

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Reader Oscar Mulhern e-mailed to tip us off to three new Philippines-only Tang flavours: Calamansi, Dalandan, and Honey Lemon.

Calamansi (also spelled kalamansi, and known in America as calamondin) is a citrus tree that bears fruit year-round. Dalandan is Citrus Aurantium, also known as the Philippine Orange. And honey lemon is, well… honey lemon flavour, I’m guessing 🙂

Here’s the original story on Kicker Daily News. See also this post on the Tang Philippines Facebook page.

Please let us know if you see these in the wild… even better if you can get photos and/or do a taste test!

Happy New Year, Happy New Tang!

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Brad from Utah has e-mailed us pictures of two wonderful Tang flavours sent to him from Brazil: Guarana, and Melancia! Have you tried them? Let us know how they are!

Tang Guarana and Melancia

New Tang flavours for Pakistan

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Thanks to Mohammad Shariq for dropping us a line to let us know about two new Tang flavours being specifically marketed in Pakistan for use as popsicles (ice lollies) or drinks: Tang Freeze kiwi lemon pineapple, and Tang Freeze watermelon strawberry. Sounds Tang-licious!

Seven new Tang flavours!

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We’ve added a whopping seven new Tang flavours to our list… it’s enough to make you thirsty!

In 2012, Tang Arabia introduced Passion fruit-Pineapple, Kiwi-Strawberry (thanks to fan Biji Shafeek for the tip), and Orange-Mango-Strawberry.

Fan Megan Eierman also tipped us off to Tamarind, Orange carrot, blackberry, and cranberry grape.

Thanks folks! If you spot any flavours “in the wild” that are not listed here, please drop us a line!

Got Tang? (we have!)

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Thanks to a generous supporter of our cause, I’m am pleased to say that we have just received ten wonderful assorted sachets of Tang, all the way from Argentina. Behold:

Tang x 10!

Tang x 10!

The flavours – in no particular order – are: ananá (pineapple); multifruta (multi-fruit); naranja-durazno (orange-peach); naranja, pomelo y limon (orange, grapefruit and lemon), naranja-banana (orange-banana), pomelo rosado (pink grapefruit), pera (pear), naranja dulce (sweet orange), manzana (apple), durazno (peach).

Interestingly enough, three of the sachets include limited-edition “Toy Story 3” branding. I guess that makes them collector’s items… although I can assure you that won’t stop us from guzzling them with the usual enthusiasm 🙂

They also make mention of “www.clubtang.com.ar“… which we haven’t investigated yet, but that might be worth checking out once you’re done here.

Since this is such a special occasion, I think we’ll endeavour to capture some video reviews as we make these up and taste them. We actually have some introductory videos “in the can” which are yet to be edited, but these little “taste test” videos may end up on the site first… stay tuned.

What’s the most unusual Tang flavour you’ve ever had? Have you ever tried one you didn’t like? Leave your comments below.

Bring back Tang, today!

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Sometime around early 2010, in one of the most heartless cases of corporate brutality in Australian history (rivaling even the sale of the Vegemite or Arnott’s brands to overseas interests, or the collapse of Ansett Airlines),  Kraft Foods Australia made the erroneous decision to discontinue importing Tang orange drink.

Tang drinkers around the country are going thirsty! In desperation we’ve tried other, “Try-hard Tang”, powdered orange drinks. We’ve tried “grey-import” Pineapple or Mango-flavoured Tang. It’s rumoured that some have even tried drinking actual orange juice. Yes, these are the depths Tang drinkers will stoop to to get their fix of orange-flavoured liquid.

But ultimately there is no substitute for Tang. So Tang lovers of Australia, unite, and say, “Bring back Tang, today!”

A jar of orange Tang